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WrenAI is a Text-to-SQL solution for data teams to get results and insights faster by asking business questions without writing SQL, and it's open-source!

Reduce LLM hallucination
Indexing with Semantics

WrenAI has implemented a semantic engine architecture to provide the LLM context of your business; you can easily establish a logical presentation layer on your data schema that helps LLM learn more about your business context.

Augment LLM Prompts

With WrenAI, you can process metadata, schema, terminology, data relationships, and the logic behind calculations and aggregations with “Modeling Definition Language” (MDL), reducing duplicate coding and simplifying data joins.

ask questions get answers

Generate Insights

When starting a new conversation in WrenAI, your question is used to find the most relevant tables. From these, LLM generates three relevant questions for the user to choose from. You can also ask follow-up questions to get deeper insights.

Self-learning feedback loop

The AI self-learning feedback loop is designed to refine SQL augmentation and generation by collecting data from various sources. These include user query history, revision intentions, feedback, schema patterns, semantics enhancement, and query frequency.

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End-to-end solution for you

At WrenAI, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive solution for Text-to-SQL. Our user-friendly interface, coupled with a carefully crafted semantic architecture, ensures a seamless experience. Additionally, our platform offers extensive data connectivity to all data sources, empowering you to unlock the full potential of your data.

secure and reliable

Why wrenAI?

Turnkey Solution

WrenAI makes it easy to onboard your data. Discover and analyze your data with our user interface. Effortlessly generate results without needing to code.

Secure By Design

Your database contents will never be transmitted to the LLM. Only metadata, like schemas, documentation, and queries, will be used in semantic search.


Deploy WrenAI anywhere you like on your own data, LLM APIs, and environment, it's free.


Work perfectly with your data stack

Support with popular databases, data warehouses, and analytics tools

Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Looking for other data sources?

More coming soon... let us know!

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Be 100X More Productive Than Yesterday

Eliminate the need to constantly switching between your data documentation and catalogs.

01. Connect

Onboard your databases, data warehouses within a few clicks.

02. Ask

Ask any business questions on your mind to WrenAI

03. Feedback

Provide feedback to WrenAI and it will automatically improve for future inference

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WrenAI is scheduled for release in early April 2024.

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