AI Superpower for analystS

Talk to your database.
get Explainable answers.

WrenAI is your AI data assistant that helps you get results and insights faster by asking questions without writing SQL, and it's open-source!

Reduce LLM hallucination
Get Explainable Answers

Compose your questions or input a data request.

Receive the results with step-by-step breakdown

Follow-up asking more questions.

Augment your LLM knowledge base

WrenAI harmonizes schemas, structures, relations, and metadata, infusing your business context into LLM models for improved understanding and accuracy.


Self-learning feedback loop

WrenAI evolves with every interaction. It learns from user feedback and behavioral patterns, continuously refining its suggestions; it gets better the more you use it.

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secure and reliable

Why wrenAI?

Fast onboarding

Easy onboard your data to WrenAI. Discover and analyze your data with our user interface. Effortlessly generate results without needing to code.

Secure By Design

Your database contents will never be transmitted to the LLM. Only metadata, like schemas, documentation, and queries, will be used in semantic search.


Deploy WrenAI anywhere you like on your own data, LLM APIs, and environment, it's free.

UNder the hood

Bring Business Context to LLM

The Wren Engine is a data retrieval engine that allows you to define the LLM knowledge base of your semantics and data within LLMs. Enabling LLMs to comprehend your data's structure, metadata, and schema enhances data understanding and utilization.

work with ai

Be 100X More Productive Than Yesterday

Eliminate the need to constantly switching between your data documentation and catalogs.

01. Connect

Onboard your databases, data warehouses within a few clicks.

02. Ask

Ask any business questions on your mind to WrenAI

03. Feedback

Provide feedback to WrenAI and it will automatically improve for future inference


Work perfectly with your data stack

Support with popular databases, data warehouses, and analytics tools

Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Looking for other data sources?

More coming soon... let us know!

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WrenAI is scheduled for release in early April 2024.

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